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Behind Lullaboo by vphn

VPHN ... Valuing  Peoples  Heritage  &  Nature says it all.

it is the reflection of our personality, of our lives, of our concerns and of our efforts as citizens of this world. We share the same home, and by doing so, each of our actions affect its People, its Heritage and its Nature.

Taking care of People came naturally to us. We are both mothers, and are lucky to be able to ensure the happiness of our children by taking care of them in ways only a mother can. We help mothers care and pamper the most important person in the world, with our products and tips. However, not every child is so lucky as to have someone to take care of them, and this is why we make it our policy, to help less privileged children around the world. 

It is important for us to take care of our Heritage, so that future generations in a global community, may enjoy, learn and absorb the cultural differences. Both of us, have been living and travelling around the world all of our lives. While experiencing different cultures, throughout Latin America, Europe and Asia, we joined our interests and beliefs in order to found VPHN. Our impulse, takes us in the search of unique raw materials that are the pillars of remarkable cultures around the world, so we may adapt them to the needs of the modern world.

Taking care of our Nature and respecting the environment is for us a concern. We use fabrics originating from bamboo, a plant that requires less water to grow and no agrochemicals, meanwhile preserving our most valuable resources. We aim to provide to our customers awareness about sustainability and help them make contributions to the conservation of our planet.


Every one of our acts reflect who we are and we believe in making a difference.





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