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Vegan Halloween

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This month we are all into #Vegan Lifestyle ... so what would it be like to have a Vegan Halloween?

Will you go dress out as a veggie??? Not necessarily although it will definitely be a Halloween to remember!

Before we forget! Just a quick note to answer your questions following our October Lullabuzz edition: Is the Lullaboo Collection Vegan? The answer is OF COURSE! Besides being super soft & perfect for sensitive babies' skin, our raw material comes from the Bamboo plant ... so completely Vegan, Ecofriendly ... & many other qualities that you find out if you click here.

October is here together with fall, school break, birthdays for some of us... and Halloween! I will be sincere...Halloween can be fun for some part of it, but for us busy means we have to produce a lovely costume, deal with the extra sugar and much more. So for some of us " Oh no!!! " could be a normal reaction ...translation in emoji being: 😨
But our little children love every part of it! My youngest loves to go out of her routine to decorate the house, do some halloween special treats, plan her costume... we can put some imagination to it and Halloween can become an excellent season to explore their and our imagination.
Come on! Lets go with them to the land of fairies and creatures, cute monsters and fun crafts and games to play. This is the magic about being a parent, we get to be children again!!!
What must a perfect Halloween have??? And what about a Vegan Halloween???
1. Fancy Dress!

Looking for a costume for your baby? mnn not easy! Just found this funny book, that could be useful, "Baby-Gami, Baby Wrapping for Begginers"

Check out this idea ... it will work for our Vegan Halloween too! 
2. Stories & Fairy Tales
There is no better time to read fiction stories than Halloween. Some more scary for our order ones...but for our little ones..definitely something sweet!
Here some books we personally have at home and recommend:
The classic fun: "Winnie the Witch"
Something they can feel related to: " Froggy's Halloween"
And something to be scared: " The Gruffalo"
Looking for something special to do this season?
3. Introduce new flavors to your little Gourmet Baby!
Loved this recipe: Pumkin hummus from @VeganHeaven. Click here to check it out on her blog. 
4. Test the ability of those little hands
Nothing nicer than to create a Halloween atmosphere together! Sit down with them, give them complete attention ... and you' ll make the happiest children on earth!
5. Organize a trick or treat with your neighborhood 
Halloween is not celebrated everywhere so unless you are in the US, knocking on doors for candy will not get you anything but disappointed children!
Try to get as much of your neighbors in the trick or treat game. To avoid bothering the houses that do not want to participate, give each participant a sign to hang on their doors. This will help hungry trick or treaters to know were to knock! We don't want real witches scaring our babies!
We once did orange pumpking shaped papers. Easy to do and easy to spot! 

So yes, you can make Halloween another opportunity to spend quality time with your children and create a few special memories for yourself.


So ... pumpkins or leeks for your disguise? Have you decided? Just decide to have fun! (-;


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