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The Perfect Toy for your Baby's Age

Lullaboo Moms

Buying the perfect toy for a child is not an easy task… and it is not because we don’t have enough offers, or enough information…it is because, and I want to claim myself guilty and totally guilty on this one; we as parents always believe our child has an intelligence over the average! He is only 1 but he can play with a 2-year-old toy…of course!

Toys are made for a special age group and giving your child a toy that is over his age, may cause lack of interest, frustration and could even affect their self-esteem.

Then, what are the ideal toys for babies and young children?


0-12 months:

Toys with light colours, sounds, textures and toys that do not move around too much so that they can be kept in the baby’s playing area. Always have in mind that the first thing a child does with a toy at this age is to put it into his or her mouth, so be careful with sizes and materials.

Examples of this would be mobiles, balls, fabric cubes, toys that can make a tower or go one over the other, fabric books, rattles, etc.


1-3 years old:

Its walking time! Everything that can be pushed around the room will definitely be very attractive. Pieces that can be put inside the other or toys that open and closed will stimulate their fine coordination. Dolls and other toys that simulate real life are also good, as at this age children start to play “make believe”.

Examples would be bricks that can be put together, pushing walkers with wheels, cars that they can ride and move around with their feet. Books with more textures and flaps. Sound toys are also popular…but I recommend those that have a volume! They can be really annoying when they become your child favourite!


3-5 years old:

This is the age they really love using their imagination while playing. It is very important to let them experience this world of fantasy and it is always so much fun to watch! Prepare the camera!

Examples: Start reading stories and get them some costumes to play. Sometimes they don’t need to be fancy costumes. They love to were accessories and mix them all together! It is also a good moment to make a special art spot at home, with colour dough, paper, old magazines for collage, glue and of course paint. A pinafore is highly recommended!!!!






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