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Swaddle or Sleeping Bag?

Lullaboo Moms

 What could be more comforting than keeping your newborn baby warm and cozy all day?

Our Lulladoovet is a small "swaddle" bag for babies in the form of an envelope that will keep your little one warm during the first weeks.

What is the difference between this swaddle and the traditional sleeping bag?

The "Swaddle" type bag:

During the first weeks of life, it is important to keep your baby warm, confortable and safe. A swaddle is a kind of blanket that wraps around the baby's body leaving the head outside. Some models open on the front or side with zippers or buttons while others simply wrap around the baby’s body. Most baby specialists assure that the newborn baby misses the sense of comfort and embrace that it has in the mother's womb. This type of "envelope" makes babies feel hugged and safe.

Sleeping bag:

The sleeping bag has the shape of a bag attached to the baby’s shoulders as if it were a sleeveless body, leaving the arms of the baby loose. It is the ideal way for a baby of more than 3 months to sleep safely and stay covered.


The swaddle keeps the baby warm and embraced. The sleeping bag gives the baby more freedom of movement and is adapted for the baby to turn around without uncovering. In the first months of life, where the baby does not move much, the "swaddle" seems the best option. When your baby becomes more active, it is best to put the "swaddle" away and change to the sleeping bag.


Check out our Lulladoovet, a 2in1 blanket: Swaddle & Blanket. 

Check out our Lullasbag, our Sleeping Bag.

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