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Sustainable School - Bioarquitecture

Lullaboo Moms

This morning I came across a lovely article about a new sustainable school in a small town in Argentina. I love this kind of initiatives and I love they choose a small town and not the big city!


A primary school made of 100% reciclable material with a big commitment to sustainable education. It was a join action between the NGO AMARTYA, big companies like Unilever, Disney and Direct TV and Micheal Reynolds. He is the creator of Bio-Arquitecture  and EarthshipGlobal developments. To read more on go to his website here. He has some amazing projects!

The walls and structures are made of Glass bottles, plastic bottles, tins, and tires. Tires and recycled wood were used in the playground and other structures. Even chairs, tables and shelves are made of paperboard. The ceiling is covered with solar panels that are used for all the energy used in the school and to heat the school in winter.



To follow the school's structure, kids have an orchard, they participate in recycling and get an education that has a strong commitment on taking care of the environment. 

Just look at the happiness in this kids faces! Doing the right thing feels good!

To read the original article click here.

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