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Child Labour Robs Childhood !!

Lullaboo Moms

It is always important to support good causes and even better when it involves a passionate 12 years old girl. Annika is a multicultural girl, half Austrian/Brazilian…but well, I will leave it to her to tell you her story and how you can easily help her, below.

Lets help her make her difference. Just ask your children to be part of this amazing project!

"My name is Annika I am 12 years old and I come from Austria and Brazil. At the moment I live in Guangzhou, China for almost 2 years. I am writing to you because I need your help. Inspired by my school project about “CHILD LABOUR” I would like to go further and make a real difference for the future. I want to help children all over the world who suffer because of child labour. I plan to make a film with as many participants as possible. Caring and open-minded people should say the slogan “Child labour robs childhood” and make a video or take a picture with the slogan “Child labour robs childhood“ written on a piece of paper in their mother tongue. Everyone should tape this and send it to my page on Facebook (…) or to my e-mail ( . I want to publish this film and make people aware of the problem. I also want to send it to big companies to make them more aware of the problem and try to convince them to stop child labour in multinational companies. I already entered in contact with Unicef Austria and Germany. I was invited to publish the movie on the official Unicef-Youth homepage as soon as it is finished.

I do not want to accuse anybody with this action but make people and companies aware of a problem that affects so many children all over the world. We all love cheap products, chocolate and brand cloths but is it worth to force children into labour? Somehow I wish that companies would have more inspections with their providers and factories in developing countries. 
I know I am only 12 years old but I believe that together we can make a change or difference.

Please help me and participate. Thank you!

Annika "





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