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Lullaboo at Beyond Bamboo!

Lullaboo Moms

We are very proud to inform you that Lullaboo is now part of Beyond Bamboo!
Beyond Bamboo is an Ethical online marketplace to buy clothes and products that don't just make you feel great, they do great things in the world too! All of our products featured on their web-site come from incredible sellers that want to make the world an ethical and sustainable one. And this is were Lullaboo by VPHN fits perfectly!

Beyond Bamboo is a RoundTable Three Global Goals Project delivering Goal # 3 : Environmental Rejuvenation. 
Round Table is an amazing organization with objectives that inspire everyone to be part of them:
EDUCATION: Innovating and transforming solutions for education and learning across the generations. 
EMPOWERMENT: Ensuring that everyone has equal opportunities and access to knowledge and resources. 
ENVIRONMENT: Going beyond sustainability to restore and rejuvenate, creating a global ecosystem that thrives. 

To read more on them go to  or 

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