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Halloween might feel like a scary festivity but actually , for my kids, it has always been one of their favorites! I am not from the USA nor UK, so Halloween was not a day that came natural to me. This is not the case with my "Third Culture Kids", who were expose to various different cultures during their lives and tend to take all festivities as their own! 
Knowing that our Lullaboo community is made from mums all around the world, we  gathered a few articles that can be useful for your
Baby's First Halloween!!!! 


1. Great Halloween Homemade costumes for babies.
We don't want them to be uncomfortable but we still want to dress them up, don't we? Check out this cute ideas . Via Woman's Day Magazine


2. Healthy Halloween treats!   One of my favorite cooks in the world is Ella Woodward! She is all about healthy eating and has great tasty recipes that always turn out as she says they will! Check out her favorite Halloween treats for your toddler!. via Deliciously Ella  


3. Best Halloween Books for Babies and Toddlers. 

After 4 children and more than 15 Halloweens, these are my top halloween books:

◊ Where is Baby's Pumpkin, by Karen Katz.
◊ Here Comes Halloween, by Carolien J Church.
◊ One, Two, Boo!.
◊ Room on the Broom, by Julia Donalson.

◊ Winnie the Witch, by V. Thomas and K. Paul.


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