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Cool Cribs and Cots for your baby

Lullaboo Moms

During my last family trip to California, land of innovation, I came around the coolest innovation shot at the hip Hayes Street in San Francisco. B8ta San Francisco gets every day innovation close to customers. In one corner I noticed a crib from the Happiest Baby . Nice design and rocking by itself! The truth is that since my children were babies, tech and design have taken cribs to a different level. Some are super tech and others are just super cool!


Cribs for young babies:

Happiest Baby's crib rocks by itself. 



A-Baby Maxi Cot, a safe options for mums who can not live a second without cuddling their baby.


 Rockid, rocking chair and cot all in one!



Cots that grow with our kids:


Leander Convertible Crib transformes itself into a real bed as you baby grows. 



Growth Crib has a minimalistic design that grows with your child. 



Stokke Sleepi Crib: It starts with a round mini bassinet and grows to a young child bed. With wheels to move around!


Practical Cribs that suit small places and traveling:


Bloom Alma Mini Urban Crib ideal from newborn to 12 months. Great option for a small room.



Playfull Cribs:

Tunnel Park Tunnel Crib, fun way to have two in one, playground and cot!



Really Cooooooool and Chic Cribs:


The Pod Cot has a futuristic design and the clear acrylic sides make it easy to keep an eye on baby.


Campaign Crib, made from sustainably harvested hardwoods and water-based, nontoxic finishes.



Nest Crib is a nice and compact option for parents who like having their baby beside them. It converts into either a play table or a toy bin once the baby has outgrown it.


Vetro Crib crafted completely from nontoxic clear acrylic.It is also environmentally-friendly — the whole thing can be recycled when your baby grows out of it.




Luna Crib adapts into a toddler bed with the side panels becoming the head- and footboard for a twin bed.



Are you ready to choose your Crib now? Or do you feel like an upgrade to the one you have???


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