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Can babies' personality traits give us clues to their future personality?

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When my babies were born, and during the first year, I kept trying to guess what their personality would be like as adults. I think most of you do that, don't you?

My first was second was very independent, my third was a loud cryer and my fourth was always smiling. Well, they are not adults yet, but I can tell you: My first is a teenager now and she is always trying to convince me to extend her limits even more! My second had a bulling issue and dealt with it amazingly well. My third feels the whole universe is in an eternal conspiration against him. And my little the happiest girl alive. 

So yes, I can confirm that certain traits from their first years can be a glimpse of what you will be getting later on! 

Still, I want to share this interesting new study from British Psychologist Christian Jarrett that confirms some clues from our personality appear during early age!


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