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A Montessori Room

Lullaboo Moms

I have a friend who recently had triplets and to my surprise she decided to go all montessori on the babies' nursery. Personally I would have gone for one crib each, with very high walls, LOL ! But as I read a little bit more about motessori applied to the house the principles do not sound crazy at all! Actually, they sound logical and very practical. 

The Montessori Room is all about FUNCTIONALITY and MINIMALISM:

No to the crib:

Why the floor bed? One of the reasons is Freedom of movement. Children are more active to crawl around and stimulate them practicing their motor skills. Second, they Promote Independence. Babies and toddlers get up and get their favorite book, dress up by themselves and with time they decide when they are tired and lie down. Third, Empower the Child. The child can make their own decisions within their room. They can get out of bed and play rather than cry at the crib waiting for someone to get them out. Fourth: Respect. It respects their natural needs and their capabilities.  The child is making their own decision to go to bed and lie down other than being put to bed. Fifth: Comfort. It is not so important as the others but when the child is sick or after a nightmare , it is much easier to lie down with them than in a crib.  

Alert!!!! Before having a floor bed it is important the room is child proof. Just think your little one will to move around their room without your eyes on him.  




Everything needs to be accessible for your baby:

Low shelves and child size table and chair, beautiful age books, developmentally appropriate materials and toys. Low hanging clothing or easily accessible clothing such as in baskets. A low mirror would be nice too



Do not overdo with Toys and Decor:

Observe what toys meet your child's specific developmental needs and rotate toys to keep interest. Decoration should be calm and simple, with images that can be interesting the the baby and items that can also work as toys. Cluttering will create distraction and the child will end up not playing with anything.





"A beautiful, organized, and uncluttered environment can help in many ways: dressing and undressing is simplified; the favourite book and toy is always within reach; the child can participate in the life of the family and feels needed; challenging work that focuses the child's attention and fulfils his needs is always available; a more fun, creative, and peaceful life comes into being for the whole family." - The Joyful Child: Montessori Global Wisdom for Birth to Three  by Susan M. Stephenson





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