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We are Angels

Veronica Blanco love mothers mum Parenting


To start with this is not a religious article. Although I am part of a religion inherited by my family, I identified myself with several religions. With my international friends and through my life as an expat, I became in contact with many of them. Each one teaches me something valuable and this is something I love to share with my kids. So I am not the type of person that lives religiously every day, but I am a spiritual person and talk about this once in a while at home.


But well, as I told you, this is not a religious article at all…


I was walking with my 5 year old daughter today and out of the blue…as most of these “ I don’t know what to answer, ask daddy” questions come out, she asks me: “ What is an Angel?”. Mnnn my mind starts to jump back and forward trying to put into words for a 5-year-old mind to understand the complicated idea of an Angel. Then I go back to my childhood years and answer: “ Well, an Angel, is someone we don’t see but is always looking after us. Each one of us has a Guardian Angel, I have one and you have one. You don’t have to be afraid, they just silently take care of you all along your life”. She smiles at me with that sweet sweet smile she has and answers back:” Ahhhh Mummy, I know my Angel, YOU are my Angel…”


She made my day, my months, my year!


She then continued ”You look after me since I was a baby and you still look after me now. And you are going to look after me all my life, aren’t you? “ OF COURSE MY LOVE!!!! OF COURSE, SINCE THE DAY YOU CAME OUT OF MY WOMB AND I SAW YOUR LITTLE FACE UNTIL THE END OF MY DAYS… Ok, I was not as dramatic… she is a 5 year old after all, she does not need to know about the end of my days… and…I don’t need these type of questions after such a special moment.


So well lovely Lullaboo Mothers, WE ARE ANGELS. Big job description, full of well deserved rewards just as these great recognition! Thank God we have our own Guardian Angels to take care of us too!!

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