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Family traditions

Veronica Blanco christmas family santa traditions

All families have traditions, and it seems Christmas and New Year is the time of the year when we make the most of them. I have friends from all around the world and it always thrills me how different cultures make it this a special time of the year. Sometimes I wish I had more traditions myself.

Traditions are nice, they make you stop for a while, share time with your family. In my case, that I have 1 teenager and 2 preteens….I feel that traditions keep us together. And even if one day, not too far from now, my oldest baby will leave to make a life of her own… we will always have traditions to get us together and make new family memories. Am I getting older? Probably…Am I getting an early empty nest syndrome? Maybe...but I decided I needed to upgrade my Xmas traditions.

I am tired of listening to my kids non stop for the last few weeks telling me what they wanted for Xmas, what they needed for Xmas, what they couldn’t live without!!!! (by the way, do you get the horrible huge headphones that are so trendy now? I don’t understand…are they made so that they can isolate more from us????? J ) . I thought that for a change, it would be nice to each one think of a wish for the year to come. Something that they really wanted to ask Santa to bring, something they really needed and wished for. Nothing material, just one word, one feeling.

I found some nice Santa chalkboards to hang on the tree and bought 6, one for each member. Yesterday we decorated our tree and when we were almost finished I asked them to fill it in with their special wish. Of course my boy was fast, he wrote “Peace”. He has been studying conflicts in school, that makes sense. My sweet second daughter wrote “ Happiness”, if you could see her smile you would understand. My little princess scribbled a few letters very proud…I still don’t know exactly what she wrote but she was so proud of them I did not want to ruin her moment asking too many questions. My oldest daughter wrote “ Hope”, maybe she is in that special time of her life were she doesn’t know what her future will bring to her… and she needs hope. My husband wrote “Love” and I wrote “ Life”. For me, life is one of the most precious presents we can ever have. The miracle of life gave me my sisters, later on my husband and not so long ago, my beloved children. And Love in Life, makes a perfect combination.

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