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Bathtime tips for a special moment with you baby.

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Bathtime is a special moment of relaxation and intense complicity with your baby. Why not make it count with a few tips from us Lullamoms?

Your baby’s bath time should be a source of extreme pleasure but sometimes our little ones seem to hate it. Time will come they will get used to it an enjoy! Don’t expect to start with long baths. It is best to initiate him slowly and eventually stretch them as long as you both feel confortable.

Babies feel safe with routine in their lives. Morning or evening bath, there are no rules... The most important thing to keep in mind is to be  fully available for your baby.


Make it safe:

-There are some security measures to take in account.

-Prepare all your equipment in advance: changing mat, changing clothes, towel and toiletries.

-Carefully check the water temperature. Specialists recommend  between 35 to 37 ° C. To be sure check the temperature of the water with your wrist or with a water thermometer.

-Use a small bathtub until the baby is at least 6 months. When I started using the big bathtub I loved using bath seats that help you maintain your baby in an upright position and safe. 

-The ideal amount of water depends on your baby’s age and the size of the bathtub. It should be enough for the baby’s body to be immersed but it should never cover the shoulders. 


Some practical & essential tips:

-The bath should not exceed more than 10 minutes

-The room temperature should be between 22 and 24 °C.

-Wash your baby using your hands or use a soft, natural and antibacterial pad, like the Lullaboopad, made of soft, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antifungal organic bamboo.

-Nothing is more important than the choice of the right body wash and shampoo. The skin of your little one is much more sensitive and irritable than those of adults, especially up to age 4 years old. Choose special baby soap, hypoallergenic to avoid allergies.

-Always wash your baby starting with the head and neck, ending with the bottom, that is to say: From the cleanest to the dirtiest!

-Take special care with the armpits, bottom and the small creases of the neck.

-Wrap your baby in a towel as soon as you finish the bath and dry your baby delicately without rubbing. Remember well all the creases and wrinkles in the body. Use towels that help you quickly wrap your baby. Hooded towels are the best for young babies. Bamboo towels are specially soft, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antifungal. With its antibacterial qualities and fast drying, typical of bamboo fabric, the proliferation of bacteria on the towel is avoided. We recommend Lullahoobath, which is a great bamboo hooded towel for your baby’s daily bath. As your baby grows older go for Lullabooth, a bigger bamboo hooded towel from 1 or two years to 6 years old. 

-If the umbilical cord has not yet fallen, take special care of the navel using a sterile compress and disinfectant products to dry well after the bath.

-Apply a hypoallergenic baby moisturizer after the bath if your baby suffers from dry skin.

-Dry well ears, only from out side, with cotton rolls and towel, and cleanse nose with saline solution if necessary.

Above all, enjoy this unique moment of the day with your baby!

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