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Should my baby be eating organic food?

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Organic or non-organic…that is the question!

I think I might have an insiders point of view on this…I am an agricultural engineer, an expert in plant production. While going through my studies, my friends and I never gave it too much thought. Organic agriculture was a new and alternative method to traditional agriculture. Much less productive than traditional cropping, so our teachers gave it little space… Still, I felt attracted to these alternative and did follow some postgraduate studies in organic production. But, only when I became a parent, is that I really questioned my approach and saw it from a consumer's point of view.

Agrochemicals are made to kill plagues, insects or weed. The time since they are applied to the moment they can be in our dinner plate is determined by the manufacturer and needs to be respected by producers to avoid any intoxication. But what worries me the most is the chronic effect that the residue of these substances may be doing to our body, my children, my husband and me.

I know this is a very common worry so I looked for a few simple articles that try to find scientific reasons why or why not our children should eat organic food.

As for me… I went organic a long time ago… It seems that motherhood shakes your bases and makes you question everything, doesn’t it?

 Once in a while when I am cooking, I get a brave worm or a small bug that believes my apple or my spinaches are still in the land…when my children see this…they shout: ”Oh mum!!! A bug!!! Yucky!!! Are we going to eat this?”. I tell them: ”If they can live in this leaf, then we can eat it! “


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