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Is this picture of a Father & Son appropriate?

Lullaboo Moms

It seems there has been quite some controversy over social media about a picture of a Dad holding his son in his arms, under the shower. The detail that made people very opinionated was that they both were naked. The story behind the picture is well told in this article from the BBC: Little Fox was experiencing high fever, constant diarrhea and vomiting. His father, Thomas, stayed for hours under the shower with his son, seeing this was the only way to get his fever down and keeping him clean at the same time. His mother, a professional photographer, decided to take her camera and click a few pictures of these tough but extremely touching moment. And the father was right, little Thomas ended up at the hospital next morning with Salmonella.


Photo by Heather Whitten


This photo generated various reactions: some thought it was an excellent example of extreme fatherly affection while others thought it ringed pedophilia really loud.


At the same time, a year ago, a mother in Australia, posted a similar photo that received only a few negative comments. Thomas and Fox’s picture was banded from Facebook several times and re loaded again by Facebook itself, not actually knowing how to handle this situation.


Is it morally different to have a picture of a naked mum+son, than a dad+son?

Should pictures like this be banned from social media?

Who should choose what to ban or not?

What do you think?

Share your opinion with us! #lullabooyouropinion 

Check out the BBC link to view for yourself.


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