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Dad 2.0 – The new generation of Dads

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My dad sent me to a good school, paid all my bills, gave me health, food and a nice house to live in. He also sent me to places were I created great memories of summer and winter vacations. Whenever his work let him, he came along… sometimes he did not. But my necessities were fully covered and I cannot complain. I love my dad and he loves me. We had shared great chats together.


When I started having children with my husband is that I realize a new and better generation of dads were coming along. To my surprise, my husband went to extreme measures to come every evening and give our baby her bath. He competed with me to change her dippers, to feed her, to rock her in the middle of the night when she was up again. We used to secretly fight to carry her on the kangaroo. I could not come out of my amazement. I expected a little improvement from my dad’s role but I got a Formula 1 Ferrari Dad instead…he wanted to be part of every moment of my children’s life! It was such a nice discovery… I was not alone, I had him to share everything, the nice parts of being parents and also the dirty, smelly and tiring parts too!


He now is harvesting a great relationship with his children. They trust him, they feel confortable with him and more over, they know he is there. It was only a win-win for him. When my kids were babies, I did not understand I had to give him time with them alone. I wanted to do everything, and be the mum I thought I had to be. But now, after 15 years of having my first baby, I realize, the time he had alone with them to build their father-child relationship was crucial. And it actually helped me find my own freedom later on.


After seeing this video from Dove men, I remembered how important is to let Dad do more, be more, care more… let them have their own space and help them enjoy fatherhood…that is actually as good as motherhood.


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