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Best entrepreneurs class…being a dedicated mum

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I have been thinking a lot lately about the “working issue” we women have once we decide to have children. Many of us have studied hard in university, have been on the working environment for a while and then along came this little bundle of joy... with lots of love, but also with some decisions to make. Some of us left our current jobs or slowed down our professional development to take care of them and see them grow.


I had a lovely chat two weeks ago with some friends of mine that kept me thinking on the “job issue”. All of them mothers, one of the mothers in the group expressed her frustration when some days ago, one of her children had questioned the fact she was using daddy’s money to buy her new smartphone!!!!! First reaction was: “ how can he talk to me this way… me, his mum! I deserve some respect!”. But after a few days it came to her…”Am I doing the right thing by not taking a job for my children? “ “What kind of example am I giving them?” “ Do they really value I stopped working to take care of them? “ “Do they know I have a respected university degree?” and then to the more painful questions: “ How have I evolved this years? “ What have I leant from being a mum?”


This week I came across “Why moms will rule the entrepreneurial world” from Roderick Morris, , He basically explains that mothers have gain the capabilities for being great entrepreneurs and that entrepreneurial world is more and more a world of women than men…specially mums. It got me thinking: what have I learned by being a mum?


  • I learnt how to manage our P&L so that we can have a nice life and have all our necessities covered…and a little extra bit more to enjoy some special treats (-:
  • Saying that makes me think I learnt how to prioritize necessities… The advantages of having a new car vs. a house with a bigger room… What do we need the most? What is worth investing? What will turn out to be more rewarding?
  • I develop skills on the people in my team, and by people I mean my children…even sometimes my husband! You need to develop a certain sensibility to capture what are their concerns, needs, strengths and weaknesses. With children this changes with age, and the tools to develop their personality too. So again, mum has to quickly adapt!
  • I have a line of production, I have to produce a nice and healthy dish for dinner, inspiring areas at home for them to play, a clean environment for them to study, a peaceful room for them to rest….
  • I have a small HR agency…I have to select my support system: a good pediatrician, a good dentist, a good teacher, a good school or kindergarten, a good babysitter…I evaluate them and choose with the pressure of knowing my children are directly affected by this decision.



Conclusion… I have been taking a management course and I did not even noticed! I manage a budget, I manage supplies, I manage production, I manage human recourses…I manage a small company that needs me to do all this and at the same time! Do I have the skills to be an entrepreneur? I think so!


In his article, Roderick Morris, says that 85% of purchases are made by women. He points out mums have a special insight on market due to their “innate understanding of household spending” and a “deep understanding of and empathy for the buying public”. It seems we are useful for the working force after all. Years of TRAINING with our little “stay-home mum” business may be useful for other than being a mum.


So to all our lullamums around the world, who have an idea for a business and are lacking the courage to try, go for it!! You have been trained to be an entrepreneur! Of course you need to refresh some concepts...but come on, this is nothing that cannot be listened from an audiobook while you pick up your kids from school, or while you walk the dog, or even while you do your shopping.


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