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I am sorry mum: Realizations about being a mum.

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The day my first baby was born I became A MOTHER! I remember peeking down under (-; and seeing her little head coming out…While taking that last deep breath before the last push, I looked at her. She opened her eyes to me and we saw each other for the first time. So much happiness. So much love…but then I realized… then it sank in…. IS THIS THE WAY MY MUM LOVES ME??????

Oh my God! What have I done? How could I be such a spoiled brat, such a nuisance, such a pain in the a… to this person that loves me like I love my child????? 

Ups, I had so much to say to her. Now I understood. I haven’t been a bad daughter, I was responsible, had good grades, never did drugs, I graduated from university and married a good guy. But through this journey I might have said a few hard word to my mum…a few? L I was quite critical with her during my teenage years, like we all are, no? (Please say yes! Hang on with me there…) I think I am not alone in this one, am I? I remember telling my mum: “ Those clothes make you look really bad. You should dress your age.” She was just 40, yes… my actual age!!! Mean, pure meanness.

Well, there was I, a new mum with a beautiful baby and a big load of guilt on her back! 

Soon my mum came to visit her new grandchild and me. I had to redeem myself…so there it came out:

”Mum, I wanted to say something…ehh, something important…ehh ….I AM SORRY”

“Why?” she replied, of course she did not expect this coming!

“I now understand everything, I understood your whole life in a second! I understand how much you love me and I am so so sorry for every hard time you had to deal with while I was growing…I am sorry for the many times I said hurtful things to you, for the many times I was just mean. “

Shall I tell you how this finished? She looked at me with watery eyes and said:

”It is really ok….but thank you so much for saying that. “ hug hug hug, kiss kiss kiss, and end to this magical moment.

Well I think this might have been one of the best present my mum ever had…. of course second only to having myself as a daughter!! LOL 




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