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How to choose the best blanket for your baby?

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Seasons change during the year and make us change our baby’s wardrobe depending on the weather. Blankets are not an exception. Being ready for a walk along the park with your baby or even in an air conditioning environment.


With season changes allergies to dust mites, pollen, or others, may become a nuisance. Lullaboo bamboo blankets will help avoid allergies during the spring season. (Click here to read more on bamboo and allergies)


The LULLACOOVER is great for a spring walk. We know how energetic babies can be; lullacoover has laces to tie it to the stroller. You don’t loose your blanket along the way and keep your baby covered at all times.

Do you want to have some privacy when breastfeeding? We know babies get hungry anywhere and we cannot stay inside the house forever! Use the laces to tie it on yourself and breastfeed comfortably even when out of home.



The LULLABLANKET is our version of bamboo chic! You can swaddle your baby in a chic way when he is tiny and later on use it as a normal blanket. It is a perfect maternity gift.



The LULLADOOVET is a different story. Mainly for winter, it has a special filling that will keep your baby warm at all times. What is great about this Lullaboo winter blanket is that it has two uses…here at Lullaboo we always feel the need to make something beautiful and useful at the same time (-; . The Lulladoovet is a baby wrap that has the shape of an envelope. It has 8 chic buttons that close it. What happens when your baby has grown out of it? … The Lulladoovet transform itself into an actual duvet, a warm winter XL blanket that can be use out and inside the house.


Now choose your favourite!

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