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Skin and Respiratory Allergies in Babies: Why Bamboo is the best fabric for newborns and babies.

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One of the biggest issues with newborns , babies or even premature and tiny babies, is their extremely delicate skin. Just one second ago they were in our belly, covered by liquid that protected them, kept them hydrated and warm. Suddenly they come to our world and start feeling the harshness of it on their skin! Well, it is not so dramatic, but everything we can do to avoid skin allergies on babies is first on our agenda!


Here is where bamboo shows great advantages over cotton or other fabrics around the market.


Hypoallergenic: Although many babies have shown allergic reactions to cotton, bamboo has shown very little allergic reactions. Even many mums have mentioned that bamboo fabric, as a second skin, has improved their baby’s skin allergies, such as eczema.


Less Dust Mites: I have a child allergic to dust mites and I can tell you, they are the main cause of allergic respiratory reactions. Bamboo is less hospitable to dust mites. This micro-insects like warm and moist environments. Bamboo absorbs sweat and moist faster, keeping your baby’s skin dry at all times, avoiding the proliferation of dust mites.


Antibacterial: Bacteria love warm and moist environments too. Bamboo’s capacity to absorbs more water than cotton helps keep a clean and antibacterial environment. Moreover, bamboo contains bamboo-kun, a bio-agent that has natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. Bacteria exacerbate many allergic reactions, so anything that prevents their proliferation will help prevent allergies.


No harsh chemicals or dyes: Harsh chemicals and dyes can deteriorate even more allergic reactions. Even by washing cotton, chemicals remain and can provoke respiratory and skin allergies. To avoid this, choose natural colour fabrics or natural dye fabrics. Although bamboo has a chemical process to transform cellulose into a thread (similar to the process in cotton), bamboo is a crop that does not use agro-chemicals for production, reducing almost all chemicals in the final product.


There is no perfect fabric but bamboo is definitely a healthier option than cotton!


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