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My Desires – A great tool for expecting parents.

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I am always looking around for useful websites and I came along with a very special one: or , with its English and French version.


It is a wish list, a list you create by your own for your baby. The system is quite nice. First you create your profile and edit it with your favorite pictures, customizing with colors and fonts you adore.


As for the presents, you can choose from any store you like, from a big store, to a small store you discovered recently, fell in love and really want to have it for your baby! Adding the name of the store, its webpage and a picture of your wish is fast. If you are in need of some inspiration, Mesenvies has assistants that will gladly recommend you whats new for babies right now.


Share it with your friends and family and that is done! They have a very friendly navigation system that is adapted to all devices and will make it super easy to buy. And a lovely tool: guests can record a message and leave it on your registry.


An extra feature that I find excellent is the possibility of sending thank you notes directly throught the system.


Mesenvies works with partners, and here comes Lullaboo, offering special discounts to users, on our elegant and soft bamboo viscose collection. It’s a great way for us to get new babies the softest touch of nature on their skin!


So go ahead, make your list and send it to your friends and family. I am sure they would love to know their present is fulfilling a special wish. And don’t forget to check out the special discounts!


We are busy mums so I raise the flag to what ever helps us do something in the one second we have free!


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