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Taking Care of a Premature Baby

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Premature babies are those born before the 37th week of pregnancy. Of course there are different levels of prematurity and not all babies mature the same way. When doctors assess preemies, they do not use their real age, the day they were born; but their corrected age. The age they would be if they had been born when they were due.

Not all of us are aware of the cares a premature baby needs to have. Some of them are obvious but others are not.


Most important premature baby facts:

Premature babies are not able to control their temperature correctly so they need a special environment to maintain their temperature at the correct levels

They can easily get infections so it is important to disinfect hands properly before touching them. Vaccinations are usually given at their real age (day they were born)

As all babies, but even more important for preemies because of their low immune system, breast milk is the best option. They also tend to eat more frequently that term babies.

They usually need to take extra Iron and Vitamin D.

They may develop certain problems that may need help from paediatricians, physiotherapist and other specialists. It is important that parents are willing to get help.

Physical contact with parents is extremely important. Telling them stories, talking to them, singing…has been proven to improve their development. Actually, all babies benefit from their parents arms.


The most important issue to have clear is that a preemie’s development will usually follow his corrected age (their due date) and not their real age. They will sit around 6 months from their due date and walk around 1 year from their due date. Parents have to have to clear their expectations…but doesn’t this happen with all of our children. We sometimes expect more that they actually can give. One of the most important capacities we must have as parents is patience…I think Preemie’s parents can teach us a little bit about this.


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